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I found this cool game that you should play.
Don't ask me how I got it. I got sent it in an email from an anonymous user.
I have no idea what it is about, but man did the email make it seem like an odd game.
Here is the email:

Dear Player

As you are reading this, you are still not sure at what this game is about. I will just give you a small hint at what it is about.
The game is very dark
The game communicates with the player
The game will change to a terrible situation
Are you interested?
Well why are you still reading this?
Just go ahead and play the game already!

Sincerely Anonymous Person

I'll send you the files for the game, here you go.

Developer Note - This was a game that i created a year ago, but i decided to release the game on itch.io to get more input from players on the game. This is an idea for a game that i could create once finished with other projects so please comment so i can build upon the idea. Thanks for checking the game out


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The Unknown 209 MB

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Pretty neat, fun stuff. 

Hey man, I played your game and enjoyed it. I thought the voice overs were really good for such a low budget game and it made it much more entertaining. The monster was pretty funny, and I don't really understand what happened, but at the end of the day I liked it and hope you keep making stuff :D Cheers, man!

Lumps Plays = silent pop up commentary. Check it out.

I also made a Review on this game i hope you enjoy

I hope you enjoy the video i really loved this game

This was great a little long but that commentary was Awesome!!! the unknown is worth knowing :D

I love this game, the beginning set me up feeling very relaxed so anything after it was just a huge surprise/shock. I did get lost a bit at the end finding the doors, but thats probably me just being stupid.

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I made a Let's Play of this game, it was quite strange, to say at the very least! Reminded me a lot of Stanley's Parable at first, then it just sorta went left-field and I have no idea. lmao


I missed this the first time around. It was alright, but it did have a few dull moments here and there. Love this concept though.