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Pretty neat, fun stuff. 

Hey man, I played your game and enjoyed it. I thought the voice overs were really good for such a low budget game and it made it much more entertaining. The monster was pretty funny, and I don't really understand what happened, but at the end of the day I liked it and hope you keep making stuff :D Cheers, man!

Lumps Plays = silent pop up commentary. Check it out.

I also made a Review on this game i hope you enjoy

I hope you enjoy the video i really loved this game

This was great a little long but that commentary was Awesome!!! the unknown is worth knowing :D

I love this game, the beginning set me up feeling very relaxed so anything after it was just a huge surprise/shock. I did get lost a bit at the end finding the doors, but thats probably me just being stupid.

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I made a Let's Play of this game, it was quite strange, to say at the very least! Reminded me a lot of Stanley's Parable at first, then it just sorta went left-field and I have no idea. lmao


I missed this the first time around. It was alright, but it did have a few dull moments here and there. Love this concept though.